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How to change your house air filters

Dirty Air Filter

That’s not a carbon filter

Sometimes you may notice it gets more difficult to breathe when you are sleeping. Unless your spouse is trying to smother you with a pillow, it’s probably your whole house air filter. Every so often I forget to change ours. If you let them go dirty long enough they start to whistle. No, that’s not a feature.

Helpful tips:

  • Put a reminder on your smart phone to change them every 3 months.
  • Use Amazon’s subscribe and save to deliver new filters every 3 months.
  • Or you could wait for the dirt whistle, then go to the doctor for some antibiotics and a z-pak

I’m a fan of 3M Air filters, they seem to hold up pretty well. I also put a bit of essential oil upon first installation to¬† help make the house smell like bacon. When I say essential oil, I mean bacon grease.

Friendly Motorcycle People

I would like to buy a motorcycle one day. One thing that is stopping me is that I don’t want to wave at everyone else riding a motorcycle. I’m just not that friendly.

Toys R Not Us

Tried to stop by Toys R Us and pick up the tikes mobile for my son. Picked up the box, walked to the front and this is where the insanity begins.

Me: “I saw this at for 10 dollars less, can I get that price?”
Them: “No, we don’t price match”
Me: “You don’t price match yourself”
Them “No sir”
Me: “Ok, let me use my iPhone to order it online and pick up in store, You know how ridiculous this is right?”
Them: “I don’t make the policy”
Me: “Should I carry this over to Customer Service, because that’s where I’ll need to pick it up.”
Them: “I’ll carry it for you”

I enter my info, pick my store, and guess what, it’s out of stock!

Me: “I’m holding the product, and yet it’s out of stock at your store.”
Them: “Yes sir, when it’s the last one, it’s out of stock”
Me: “You know how ridiculous this is right”.
Them: “I don’t make the policy”
Me: “So I can’t buy this for the online price, even though it’s in stock here.”
Them: “I don’t make the policy”
Me: “Well, I guess you will lose $40 instead of only $10, I’ll just pay $1 more from”
Them: “I don’t make the policy”

I would like to know who failed Marketing and Economics and made these policies.

Please South Carolina, Stop This Moped Madness!

Maybe it’s part of SC DMV’s big plan to remove cars from the road. Why would I want to buy a car when I can purchase a moped, not need a license and never pay a cent of tax?

Today was especially joyous with this champion in front of me. I made the move to pass at my first opportunity. Dude here swerves in front of me and begins zig zagging like a clown on a tricycle hopped up on PCP. I then revert back to my original lane and he repeats this insanity with more zig zagging. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to pass HIM. He proceeds to signal left, get off his fart can and prepare fistacuffs. I start slowing down when my lovely bride screams a reminder about my kids and herself. I apparently have more to lose than a guy more than likely headed back to his trailer after my tax dollars paid for a large alcoholic beverage.


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