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Trash TV

I go back and forth about cutting the cable and just utilizing Netflix as our entertainment source. Commercials are out of control with too much sexuality and innuendo. You can’t even watch a sporting event with your family without being exposed to boner pills.

I was setting next to a older gentleman at the bank waiting to talk to a associate. I can tell he wasn’t enjoying the television program in the lobby. It was a large woman who looked and sounded like a man and just wanted to trash talk about celebrities. I fear what TV will become in the future for my children and what they will be desensitized with.

Watching the show Intervention

I’ve seen more than a few episodes of the show Intervention. I don’t know about you, but the show looks pretty cool doing all the drugs. That is, until all Hades breaks loose and the person tries to kill everyone for messing with their drugs. That part of the show kinda sucks. Reminds me of a quote by Louis CK: “Drugs are so good, they will ruin your life”.


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