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Video Games and your Children


Video Games are great babysitters, kids want to play them and you don’t want to deal with your kids. Perfect solution? Video games do have benefits such as developing hand eye coordination and unleashing fits of rage when the Kindle Freetime runs out.


What’s the deal with Minecraft? The first question that someone will ask me is: “Have you ever played it”.  I don’t have to, and here’s why…

As a kid growing up in the 80’s playing 8bit Nintendo, I find it rather insulting that all the video game progress is thrown down the rubbish shoot. Kids these days are now playing games that look worse than the Atari 2600. By the way the phrase “Kids these days” unlocks 300+ old person attributes.

Technology Progression

This is the way it’s supposed to work. Every few years a new system would come out that would improve on video game graphics. Sega Genesis was a huge leap from the Master System and Nintendo. When the PlayStation hit the market I thought this has to be it, nothing can get better. Well now we have the PlayStation 4 and it blurs the line between reality and fiction (well, not really). I bet kids today would lose their minds if Nam co re-released RBI Baseball and called it new. (Side note: RBI Baseball for Nintendo was awesome, and I’d probably still be playing it if I had a NES)

Come to think about it, parents getting their kids hooked on Minecraft frees up more time for them on the PlayStation or Xbox. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Words with Friends Etiquette

I enjoy playing words with friends, even with those people who use words and I’m about 99% confident they don’t know the meaning.

  1. Let the other person win sometimes, so they will keep playing with you
  2. Skip first rule if it’s your sister
  3. Don’t resign a match if you are losing.
  4. Well, if you are losing by more than 300 points. Forget rule #3, time to move on
  5. If it stays it plays, but please look up the word and learn it’s meaning.
  6. Play your turn even if you don’t have to take a dump, aka Words with Feces
  7. Keep it clean, no sense in using such foul nastiness. Even the game knows the limits.

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