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Tattoos and Mental Illness

I don’t have any tattoos, nor do I want any. However, I don’t care if other people have tattoos, to a degree. If I have to explain to my children why you have marked all over yourself and it’s not OK for them to draw on their sibling with a magic marker then there will be issues. I’m wondering if there is a correlation between number of tattoos and mental illness. One tattoo is cool, but there is something sinister lurking in your mind when you have covered your entire body and you don’t require a bathing suit anymore. I understand self expression and rebellion but like anyone who has an addiction there is a cry for help after about tattoo #50.

One year at the beach I decided to get a henna tattoo for the sole purpose of shock value for my Mother and Grandmother. They both were so upsetĀ  that I felt bad for even trying it. Sad thing is my Grandmother passed away a month later.


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