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Musicians are the most unhappy artists.

They never seem to crack a smile on their album covers. Every time I open iTunes or visit a music site such as Noisetrade I notice the artists are unhappy and grimacing. Do they not love what they do? If making music and selling it to the masses doesn’t put a smile on your face then nothing will. If they aren’t melancholy or angry, then they look bored and indifferent. Why would I want to buy your music if you are just going to depress me with your sadness of how you get to make music for a living. Cheer up musicians, maybe you will sell more “records” if you smile.

Seriously, why are they still calling them records? I know vinyl is still produced but the majority of people don’t buy CD’s anymore. I think deejays are now using MacBooks and mixers and turntables that allow you to load MP3s. I guess saying “I’m making a new record” is easier than saying “I’m creating new digital content for authorized downloads via a DRM verified cloud entertainment marketplace.”


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