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Evolution of Complaining about Movie Gifts

Since I started watching movies as a kid I’ve owned several different formats. Here is where I started on the evolutionary chain.

  • Cool, a VHS copy of my favorite movie!
  • You know that I own a Laserdisc Player, and this is a VHS copy?
  • I have a DVD player now, you know Laserdiscs are no longer popular?
  • This is the full screen DVD, there is a Widescreen version!
  • This is the original edition, the special edition has extra scenes.
  • This is the DVD version, Blu-ray is in High Definition.
  • This is the regular Blu-ray version, they make a 3D version now.

It’s difficult to replicate the original joy of owning a movie for the first time on VHS. I still own many DVDs and a few Blu-Rays because I refuse to re-purchase most movies. The only Blu-rays I own are select sci-fi movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek. The bulk of my Blu-ray collection consists of super hero movies. I really don’t care what format comes after Blu-ray, I’ve hit the peak interest of home theater a few years back and haven’t upgraded my equipment in some time. I guess if movies coming out of Hollywood were better I might take more interest.


NBA Jam Double Entendre Edition

NBA Jam is one of my all time favorite games. I was excited when it became available for download via the PlayStation Network. My kids will watch the game as I play it. It was quite funny to hear my 2 year old say. “You bring the mashed potatoes, and I’ll bring the turkey”. The game is rated E for Everyone, however, there are some catch phrases in the game that have caused me to turn the announcer volume all the way to zero.

Phrases like…

“Junior snooping through the top drawer, finds the nylon” and one variation that references “panties”.
“Not cool, dude! You shot blocked me.”
“Get that weak shiitake mushroom out of here!!”
“Like my wife always says.. not tonight!”
I really hope my thoughts aren’t correct for “Two guys, one dunk”. What is that supposed to mean?

Still a fun game to play.


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