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Miss your turn? Here's what to do…

Today we were minding our beez on the return from one of our numerous errands. We noticed that traffic came to a complete stop for no reason. There was not an intersection, no driveway, no nothing at all! Well, apparently two older fellows had missed the turn for the apartment homes that one of them resided. The solution? Stop in the middle of the road causing everyone to lock it up and produce skid marks in a possible two locations. One guy got out and crossed the street to go back home. No need to turn around or pull off onto the next side street. Just stop and drop, problem solved!

Selection anxiety with Coca-Cola Freestyle

I’ve had the chance to use the Coca-Cola Freestyle and I love the options but it’s not worth the anxiety attack. Once you get to the front of the line you are inundated with a plethora of options for configuring your beverage. As you are pushing buttons a line begins to form with anxious patrons with lids half cocked waiting to fill their containers with carbonated corn syrup and artificial flavoring

I’m all for consumer options but this machine basically causes a traffic jam. I’ve even seen these in airports, a place where there is enough traffic. I am a bit disappointed that there’s no button for an extra shot of caffeine, which would turbo charge any beverage selection. This would also be a great product placement for a Xanax button for a shot of relaxation. This would ease the anxiety about the 5 people in line waiting to stab you in the orbital socket with a bendy straw.

Dumb Stranger Comments about Kids

When I’m struggling to maintain sanity out in public with my children, the last thing I want to hear is a dumb comment from a stranger. The one that really makes me want to rip peoples heads off and shove them up their rectum is when they say. “And that’s why I don’t have kids…” they say it with such sarcasm and superiority. It’s a good thing they don’t have kids, because children don’t deserve parents like these. Being a parent is the toughest, but most rewarding job I’ve ever had.


I used to avoid Chick-Fil-A. I realize now that was mistake, but let me lay the groundwork to my insanity. Growing up there was only one CFA in West Virginia that I knew about. It was in the Huntington mall and they handed out free samples near one of the entrances. As a principal I don’t trust restaurants who hand out free samples. Probably because they’re leftovers or food that fell on the floor. Also I don’t trust stores that don’t have a brick and mortar establishment.

Back in 2008 is when I had my first exposure to CFA. I found out they were a Christian company and I reverse discriminate. My only concern is that I didn’t find this out sooner because now I can’t stop myself from having CFA on a regular basis. Since we’ve had kids it’s almost been a weekly trip to keep the addiction going. I wish they would branch out and open other restaurants. I’m sure I could get used to “Cow-Fil-A” or “Pig-Fil-A”, or mabye even “Trout-Fil-A”.

Steak Stats

This is not a steak but a sculpture of a steak at the Weber Grill in Chicago. Steak is the only thing that keeps me from being a vegetarian. Well, bacon too, that would be hard to give up. Come to think of it, it would be hard to give up fish and chip and fried chicken. Well, there goes that idea.

As for steak, a wood fired grill with a nice rib-eye does the trick for me. Salt and pepper is all it needs. Seared on both sides at the highest temperature possible. Medium is the highest I’ll go on the cook time. No A1, no Heinz 57, no sauce whatsoever! Now I’m hungry.

Happy VD!

I have a long history of terrible valentines days. Probably the worst is when I sent my bride-to-be dead black roses. I ordered them from a fresh cut flower place online. I guess they cut them wrong. Instead of telling my fiancee that I loved her, I was sending her a message of death.

One year I didn’t realized that a certain restaurant needed reservations for Valentines day. So after being mocked by the host, I ended up picking up Taco Bell. We used our wedding china and it was actually more romantic than the The Melting Pot could ever be.

Last year I was out of town for work and both of my children had fits of vomiting and diarrhea. Not a fan of VD.  Do y’all have any VD disasters?

Here comes the Judge (ment)…

It really bothers me when people, say you shouldn’t judge and then point to Matthew 7

“Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye”

Most stop reading there to put Jesus in their corner. Who better to use than Jesus right? You have to keep reading the rest of the passage to pick up the full meaning of what Jesus was trying to communicate.

“You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. Do not give dogs what is holy, and do not throw your pearls before pigs, lest they trample them underfoot and turn to attack you.”

Jesus calls us to judge righteously, not hypocritically. Of course this is really only meant for Christians. The last part of that verse makes it clear, judging someone who has no clue (or doesn’t care), is useless.

Garlic Butter Dipping Sauce

It’s quite easy to make and tastes way better than Papa Johns, Pizza Hut or Little Caesars. Plus look at the label on those sauces, quite a few chemicals.

  • 1/4 Stick of real butter
  • 1 tsp of Garlic Powder
  • 1 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Place in microwave safe container, cover with paper towel and nuke for 20-30 seconds. Cover with a paper towel in case it all gets explody in the microwave.


Worst Golf Sports Drink Ever

It’s all over the golf course and free, but it tastes terrible. They should really work on the dispenser, hard to quench the thirst with the current delivery method.

Bad Theology 101

There is a church near our house that we pass every time we go out of town. I mean really, look at the verse you are quoting! There is a big difference in someone dying for you and you killing them.


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