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Friendly Motorcycle People

I would like to buy a motorcycle one day. One thing that is stopping me is that I don’t want to wave at everyone else riding a motorcycle. I’m just not that friendly.

Toenail Maintenance Poll

I'm no longer an anti-dentite…

I feel like I’m cramming for finals when I brush my teeth five minutes before I leave for the dentist. It’s probably the best teeth brushing I do all year. Yeah, I know you are supposed to go twice a year for a cleaning, but here’s my back story. I went 17 years without going to the dentist. Why? Maybe because I had all my front teeth ripped out when at 4 years old and wasn’t all the way numb. But still, after 17 years, no cavities, and yes I have a theory for that.

I started going back to the dentist when I lived in Oakland, TN a few years ago. I swear it felt like the dentist pulled out each tooth, cleaned it, and then placed it back into my mouth. I think that because there would be blood spatter on the dental lamp. My current dentist is very gentle, but they do have one quirk at their office. They have a TV loop showing every possible mouth disease while you’re confined to the chair as they hover sharp things near your face. Thankfully they let you watch other channels now.

Here’s my theory, I think they put something in the tooth polish that sets up a repeat customer. I now have 3 cavities in less than 2 years. I don’t eat that many sweets and I brush enough to hinder my teeth forming a Parmesan crust. I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with a question the hygienist asked me. “How often do you floss?” I said, “Once a year, when you do it”.

Navigating a Crowd

I read this article that talks about not running into people by keeping your eyes on your destination. Well, I guess that would work for me not running into people, but it wouldn’t stop them from bouncing off me. The problem is, other people don’t know where they are going half the time. They aren’t paying much attention so if I’m not looking out for them, I will knock them over. I try to be considerate and move through a crowd rather than just broad shouldering everyone and knocking them to the floor. Maybe I should try this and see how many people get hurt.


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