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Please South Carolina, Stop This Moped Madness!

Maybe it’s part of SC DMV’s big plan to remove cars from the road. Why would I want to buy a car when I can purchase a moped, not need a license and never pay a cent of tax?

Today was especially joyous with this champion in front of me. I made the move to pass at my first opportunity. Dude here swerves in front of me and begins zig zagging like a clown on a tricycle hopped up on PCP. I then revert back to my original lane and he repeats this insanity with more zig zagging. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to pass HIM. He proceeds to signal left, get off his fart can and prepare fistacuffs. I start slowing down when my lovely bride screams a reminder about my kids and herself. I apparently have more to lose than a guy more than likely headed back to his trailer after my tax dollars paid for a large alcoholic beverage.


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