My Life is Way Better than Yours

It doesn’t take long for someone to come out of the woodwork to grandstand. It doesn’t matter what the topic, subject or item. They have something better and will be quick to criticize.¬† It could be something you have or don’t have. It could also be a comparison of why theirs is better.


Whatever your child has done, their child has done it earlier, with more precision or was funnier than yours.


If someone has a superior item they will be quick to point out the shortcomings of yours. If they don’t have a superior item they will say you overpaid or wasted your money on features you will never use.


Showing off your new vehicle will induce questions about why you didn’t purchase the competitors model which has far better features that will prevent your loved ones from dying a tragic death in an automobile accident.


You’ve spent hours working on that special project that you’re ready to show off to the world. You have that friend that will point out the flaws and say things like. “Oh, I see you took a few shortcuts and the easy way, here look at my project this is how you should have done it.”

Of course there’s always the “Must Be Nice” person who throws a veiled insult of why you shouldn’t have anything they don’t have.

How to deal with this?

Stop trying to show off and brag. Let other people notice your work, don’t show it off and expect admiration and affirmation. If someone offers up unwanted criticism or advice explain to them that you appreciate their spirit in wanting to help and let them know the next time you start a project or need some advice. Try to do that with as little sarcasm as possible.

Purina One Healthy Metabolism Review

<Picture of Cat Diarrhea Not Shown>

There have been many advancements in the cat food industry since the days of giant bags of dried up meat stars that chipped cat’s teeth with a painful sound as if they were eating river pebbles. Now we have refrigerated food at Target and pet fountains for the home. Since when did we start caring about giving our animals organic food and filtered water? Case in point, we bough one of those fancy recirculating water dishes that keeps the water from stagnating. However, as soon as the cat goes outside he sprints for the any diseased pocket of water on the ground that is the home of countless mosquito babies.

Purina One Healthy Metabolism is touted as being a low-carb solution for fat cats that need to shed some pounds. If you’ve ever been on a low carb diet then you know what happens if you don’t eat enough veggies to go with your meat, you get buckshot. Since cats are carnivores and only eat veggies to help them throw up, POHM has caused my cats defecation to become audible.

One evening I was sitting in my office with the window open when I heard a noise that sounded like a mallard’s quack while being submerged in a bowl of clam chowder. We purchased a new litter box called the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box. It’s a nice dome shaped box that basically creates a sub-woofer effect that rockets the sound in a focused direction. We had to switch back to a senior formula and limit his portions. We were at the point of just putting his food dish outside of the litterbox so he can stick his head out to eat while he was constantly defecating.

But on a sadder note, it seems as this cat food has either caused or highlighted a intestinal problems. The cat is now on a high fiber diet with a pro-biotic.

Helping other shoppers…


You know the old rule: don’t wear red to Target and don’t were blue to Best Buy. It’s even worse if you wear tan pants with your polo. I was shopping during my lunch break while also wearing my I.D badge. I was stopped twice for assistance. At this point you have two options: Tell them you don’t work there, or try to help them out anyway, such as…

  • Direct them to isles that don’t exist
  • Recommend certain “personal” items, and explain you’re using as we speak.
  • Lead them around the store, searching for items that don’t belong, like looking for grape nuts in the camping section
  • Recommend the wrong TV shows for kids, like getting Dexter confused with Dexter’s Labratory
  • Rummage through their cart and say things like, “Wow, I thought this was recalled”
  • Offer unwarranted advice like: “Seems like you should be looking for the prescription strength deodorant or some age defying make-up”
  • Offer to check in the back stockroom, and never return.

As a general rule I do help people who ask. More often than not the people who are working in the store really don’t care to be there. It’s not their “dream job” so they are just passing time until their lunch break or time to go home. No job is insignificant, we can choose to do it happily and help others or we can just go home and wallow in our misery and continue to make others hate us and purchase things online from robots. Your choice…

Proper method of using a hallway.


It’s not that difficult, and I hate to make a big deal about it, but seriously people do not know how to walk down a hallway. It basically follows the same rule as driving on a road (America) but there is no way to enforce it. Here’s the way I do it.

Choose the right path

Walk down the hallway on the right hand side. Follow the same rule of traffic. Don’t walk down the left side, or walk down the middle, it’s just plain idiotic.

Door Frames

If you see a door frame, slow down a bit. More times than not, people exit rooms without looking, so take a bit of precaution.

Navigating Corners

  1. If you are turning right, make a tight right. Stick to your side of the hallway. You don’t have to look like a robot when you are turning the corner, but stay in the general area
  2. If you are turning left, make a wide left and continue towards the right side of that hallway. Hopefully the other person is following #1. If not you will smack into them. If you are following the rules, don’t apologize, it’s their fault.

Water Fountains

Not wise to stop at them. Do you know how many people have touched those water fountains? Fountains are usually near rest rooms, so with the low percentages of people who wash their hands, just skip it.

Other tips

You can’t see where you are going if you are looking at a phone or device. Complaining about your or reading about someone elses miserable life can wait until you get to your destination.

Diet Soda and Leg Cramps

I jumped off the high fructose corn syrup soda wagon back in 1997 when I started the Atkins diet. I endured two weeks without soda during the induction diet. It wasn’t easy because I was drinking a two liter of Pepsi per day. My thirst for Pepsi was so vigorous I didn’t reach for a glass containing ice. I was drinking two liter sodas like a single serving from the corner store.

Aspartame seemed like the perfect solution. I drank a diet soda after the two week hiatus and didn’t notice much of a difference. Well, maybe a few leg cramps every now and again. I thought the cramps were caused by all the weight loss. It wasn’t until I stopped drinking diet soda that I noticed the leg cramps went away. So I drank a diet soda one day and noticed that night I was having the leg cramps once again.

I really enjoy Pepsi Max, but it’s really not worth the pain and suffering. Like clockwork, I drink the Pepsi Max during the day and wake up about 4am clutching a calf muscle charlie horse. It requires me to leap from my bed and place my foot flat on the floor. I swear it takes a whole minute of agonizing pain because the muscle just won’t quit with the freaking out.

Proper way to enter a grocery store?

I know it shouldn’t bother me but entering a store through the exit is not necessary. Neither is exiting through the entrance.

They have it set up that way for a reason, but it’s impossible to enforce. I’ve seen some Walmart stores (York, SC being one of them) employ the technique of not installing motion sensors on the interior entrance doors and vice versa. Many Home Depot and Lowes stores already control customer traffic properly. Occasionally, you will see some dolt standing in front of the exit until some trips the motion sensor so they¬† travel the path less traveled in that direction. C’mon people, READ!

How to deal with kidney stones

guinnessWhenever you get a kidney stone everyone will emerge from the the sheet rock to give you advice on what caused them, but not how to deal with them. Things like “Time to change your lifestyle, Time to stop drinking soda, Time to jump of a bridge with a millstone around your neck”. Well, I’m here to tell you what works for me and it might work for you as well.

First step: Don’t get kidney stones, they hurt.

If you failed at step one then grab yourself a sixer of Guinness Extra Stout and down one in the parking lot of your nearest grocery store (well, wait until you are at home). The alcohol will help with some of the pain in the urethra and bladder. If you drink enough of it, you won’t even care about the kidney stone, but wait until you are home first. On a side note, why is beer always kept cold in the store, doesn’t that encourage alcoholism?

Next mix up equal parts of olive oil and lemon juice, drink a shot glass full about every fifteen minutes. This will help break up the stone and make it easier to pass. Be sure to drink a ton of water. You will feel tremendous bladder pressure but the beer, olive oil and lemon juice will work it’s magic and bust it up.

However, if you start to urinate pure blood, then seek medical attention.


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