Weekly Annoyance Roundup

  • I wish Apple would come up with a way to record iPhone video and pictures that are at the correct aspect ratio. 99.9% of people do not have a vertical HDTV or monitor.
  • People are always saying they are shocked at how fast their kids are growing up. They forget that time is a constant and it’s the same for everyone. Pay more attention.
  • Can we upgrade the music in restaurants and grocery stores to a new decade? Perhaps we enter the era of the 90s as apposed to the 80s wretched music.
  • The arrows in the parking lots exist because they tell you which way to drive. The reason you’re having such a difficult time parking is because you are going the wrong way.
  • To the person who is pretending to not see me exiting from the shopping center onto the main street in heavy traffic, you are a jerk.
  • When you hold a door open for someone and they walk in like you were supposed to hold it open.
  • When a company repeatedly asks you to partake in an anonymous survey yet they know you haven’t completed it yet.

Weekly Annoyance Roundup

  • As a kid I used to make fun of adults who wore socks and sandals. Now that I’m an adult, kids are wearing socks and sandals. Not just any socks and sandals, but black socks that are over the calf and slides. What am I missing?
  • When traveling great distances, you can cover a lot of ground and make good time. However, there will be someone driving 10 miles under the speed limit or there is a wreck when you’re about 20 minutes from the house.
  • If you have a treasured possession that you’ve packed away and you own a cat; rest assured that the cat will find said treasured possession and piss all over it months before it’s rediscovered during a move.
  • Tax free weekends seem like a great idea! However, retailers will set everything back to MSRP to make up the difference. That’s why I shop at Amazon, plus someone delivers it and I don’t have to worry about people breathing on me.
  • If you come to a four way stop and one of the four stop signs is missing, that doesn’t give you the right to blow through the intersection. The stop is still implied by the huge white mark at the intersection.
  • If you are trying to sell something online and you offer a very reasonable price, someone will low ball you. If you are giving away something for free no doubt someone will ask for money to take it off your hands and want free delivery.

Weekly Annoyance Roundup

Camera Comparisons. Them: “Why did you decide to buy that camera?” Me: “Because I liked it” Them: “But there is a better one.” Me: “I know, but I like this one.”

The aggressive DirecTV people who ambush you at Best Buy. It’s enough to make you quit shopping there. Sam’s Club is now allowing this shenanigans, thus why I’m canceling my membership.

The needless sharing of photos on Facebook. If people wanted to find their long lost relative, there are plenty of more expeditious methods than flooding my news feed with your poorly written sign. On a side note. You shouldn’t have to get a million likes so that your children will clean up after themselves. You are the parent, make them do it, or put them up for adoption because you are failing them.

When you unsubscribe from an email list and they send you one more email letting you know that you’ve unsubscribed.

When people pull out from a side street causing you to lock up your brakes and there are no cars behind you.


Weekly Annoyance Round Up


Have you noticed that every single movie trailer now has a bass drop when they are slowing down the action? It’s the new Russian Dance

Every store I shop at now has a nemesis ready for me. One that seems to follow me to every isle, is looking for the same item, or just knows to block my view. They are impossible to move around and they back up whenever they want to. Am I the only person who still uses their peripheral vision?

Drivers are increasingly disregarding human life… at the cross walk! Several times this week I’ve had to stop mid stride and duck for cover because someone didn’t notice I was walking. However, if a gaggle of geese are making their way across the road traffic ceases to a halt.

People who walk in the exit and walk out the entrance. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is to me for some reason.

I haven’t clipped a coupon in months, today I had to wait five minutes on a CSM because the register apparently needed a synchronous key turn from two managers for the coupon to be validated. I could feel the hatred shooting from the eyes of the other shoppers behind me.


The Cup is Inadequate…

Definition of Optimism: “An inclination to put the most favorable construction upon actions and events or to anticipate the best possible outcome”

If anyone has known me for more than an hour you know that I’m not the most optimistic person. I’ve never been a half full or half empty kinda guy, but am now more of a “this cup is not adequate to do justice to the contents”.

In the past, I didn’t get too excited about much. Nothing could live up to the elaborate expectation that I had built up in my mind. I became disappointed rather quickly. This started a terrible trend of thinking up the worst case scenario. Rarely did the worst case happen, so I was felt rather pleased with the outcome. Living life at those bi-polar extremes will never maintain sanity. You have to settle somewhere in the middle.

However, the real key to true lasting optimism is respecting, submitting and trusting (when you don’t understand) to the highest authority who has written His law on the hearts of us all. You thought it was your parents and were fooled by some educators, mentors, managers and other authority figures. Looking back and seeing all the betrayal, rejection, lost jobs, wanting something and being taught patience, and some good stuff too, I can see that it was all pieced together perfectly. It never seems that way at the time, because even Jesus told his disciples that they will be killed for his namesake, but they will never be harmed (Luke 21:18). Seems like a contradiction, but remember Jesus said that men can kill the body, but only one can throw you into hell (Luke 12:4-5).

Learning that God chose me before the foundations of the world (Romans 8:25-39) and will never let anyone snatch me out of his hand (John 10:29) while sanctifying and preserving me until glorification is the ultimate reason to be optimistic. It comes back to the cup being inadequate, because it’s what’s in the cup that matters. I thank God for His unmerited favor and that He constantly fills up my cracked leaky cup with a fresh and perfectly brewed batch of grace everyday.

So What’s the Difference?

With all the gruesome details about the Gosnell trial it makes me wonder: What is the difference?

—-Read the rest at your own risk—-

Kermit Gosnell snipped the spinal cords of babies necks after they were born alive from a failed abortion attempt. Abortionists use tools to rip off limbs and crush the babies skull while they are inside the mothers womb. So what’s the difference? Both are alive, but just in a different location.
An aborted baby was found trying to swim it’s way out of a toilet before it’s neck was snipped, killing the child while the mother was still in the room. Abby Johnson left the abortion industry after she witnessed an ultrasound abortion in which a child was fighting off an instrument that was intended to devour his or her life. So what’s the difference?

There is no difference!

Bragging About Your Kids on Facebook

You have to be careful when bragging about your kids on Social Media. Just know someone will “one-up” you almost immediately, if not sooner. As people find their way into the conversation, the age of the child and their abilities gets younger and stronger. Next time you find yourself in the midst of a child brag-a-geddon, feel free to use one of these.

“Our baby is finally sleeping through the night”

“It’s nice right! My infant started sleeping through the first night we brought him home from the hospital”

“I think I see a tooth popping through!”

“Yay for you, of course my infant already has her full set of adult teeth, in fact we let her open our soup cans and beer bottles”

“I think I just heard him say Mama”

“Really? I’ve been having conversations with my child for months now. He’s already reading and interpreting our Greek Lexicon for the New King James Version.”

“She took his first steps!”

“That’s nothing, my kid started walking as soon as she was born, in fact, I was 52cm dilated and she walked out of my uterus.”

“He has figured out how to open the baby gate!”

“Well, once our kid figured out he didn’t have enough weight to push the foot pedal to open the gate, he managed to find the tool box and use screwdrivers with a torx bit to disassemble the gate to let himself out”

“I think we are finally potty trained after a few short weeks!”

“That’s great! Our kid was potty trained on the first attempt at his first birthday, of course he was changing his own diapers since birth anyway”

“Our kid learns songs so quickly he has such a great memory”

“Let me know when he learns to play an instrument to accompany the song. Then he can join my child who has already mastered the harpsichord and they can play together”

“First day of Kindergarten!”

“How sweet! Sorry your kid was held back by your terrible parenting. We started Linear Algebra at age 3 and we are already moving on to Quantum Mechanics”


Those are just a few, feel free to improvise…


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